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Going to school for one day

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♣ Mẹ của Belty muốn đi làm trở lại nên cho Belty đi học. Belty qua ngày học đầu tiên ở trường rất vui vẻ. Sang ngày thứ hai, khi mẹ chuẩn bị đưa Belty đến trường. Betty nói: “Nhưng con đã đi học rồi mà”.

Betty Bole was five years old,and her mother wanted her to begin going to school,because she wanted to start working in an office again.
A month before the beginning of these school years Mrs Bole began telling Betty about school.”It’s very nice”she said, “You ‘ll play games and paint and sing songs”.
Mrs Bole began doing these things with Betty.Betty liked the game,the painting, and the singing very much,but she always to be nears her mother,so Mrs Bole was rather afraid and thought.”What will she do when I leave her at school?”
But on the first day at school Betty was very good.She did not cry and she was happy.
On the school morning Mrs Bole said.”Put your clothes on, Betty.I’m going to take you to school in half an hour’s time”.”School?”Betty said surprisingly,”But I’ve been to school!”

icon-engNew words:

the beginning of lúc bắt đầu
paint vẽ
painting vẽ tranh
br rather afraid hơi sợ
surprisingly một cách ngạc nhiên
want sb to do st muốn ai đó làm gì
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