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Eating for two hours £1.50

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Ông Reece là một nông dân, vợ chồng ông trồng trọt và nuôi một vài con bò. Một hôm ông Reece bàn với vợ sẽ có một bữa ăn thịnh soạn ở Portsmouth.

Mr Reece was a farmer.He and his wife grew a lot of things and they had a few cows.They worked very hard.One day, Mr Reece said to his wife.”Let’s go to Portsmouth next Sunday.We can have a good lunch there,and then we can go to the cinema.”
His wife was very happy when she hears this,because she and her husband always ate a lot,and she dis not like cooking three times a day every day.
They went to Portsmouth by train walked about for an hour.Then, when it was 12 o’clock,they wanted to have a meal.They looked at several restaurants.In one of them there was a notice outside.”Lunch:12:30 to 2:30:£1.50.”
“Well, that’s good.” Mrs Reece said.”We can eat for two hours for £1.50 here.This is the place for us.”

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