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Clever and silly

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Một người đàn ông giàu có hỏi Ted tại sao  anh ấy thông minh như vậy? Ted bảo người đàn ông giàu có rằng không phải anh ấy thông mình mà vì ông ấy quá ngốc ngếch.

One day a rich man met Ted. The rich man asked, “I hear you are very clever and nothing is difficult to you. Can you tell me why you are so clever?”
Ted answered with a smile, “I am not clever. Instead you are too silly” The rich man because very angry.
Ted said, “Master, please don’t be angry. If you don’t believe what I said, now let me ask you a question. If you have a group of sheep, I send you another group, then, how many groups of sheep do you have?”
“Why! That’s the easiest question in the world. One and one is two. Anybody knows that I have two groups of sheep.”
Ted laughed and said, “You are wrong, Master. Two groups of sheep put together is still one group. That is the easiest question in the world.”

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