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Bad luck

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Mùa Giáng sinh đến rồi, Jane đã mua sắm nhiều thứ. Nhưng trên đường về nhà, cô gặp toàn chuyện xui xẻo.

It was Christmas time, and Jane had done her Christmas shopping.Now, with her shopping bags full, she was waiting for the bus to go home.It was raining and she was wet and tired.
When the bus finally arrived,it was very full because everyone else had shopping too.The two children in font of Jane in the line got on,but then the bus conductor said, “Sorry, Miss, no more room”.
June thought that the next bus might be full up too,so she start walking.After a short time, she fell very tired,and she decided to take a taxi.Then she stopped one.
When she was half-way home, however, the taxi could not move.As she was watching the taxi driver trying to repair it,a bus passed them, empty.Most annoying of all,it stopped raining the sun came out.

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in the line đứng trong hàng
conductor người thu tiền vé xe buýt
no more room không còn chỗ
repair sửa chữa
annoying bực mình
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